Truck Driving Jobs With Visa Sponsorship Application In Canada
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Truck Driving Jobs With Visa Sponsorship Application In Canada


Truck Driving Jobs With Visa Sponsorship Application In Canada

Are you looking for the best work that can land you in Canada soon? Then this article is for you. Truck driving is one of the most in-demand jobs that offer visa sponsorship for qualified immigrants in Canada. Driving trucks is essential for transporting goods across towns, provinces, and internationally.

Therefore, Truck drivers play a vital role in Canada’s growing economy and expanding transportation sector. They ensure goods reach their final destinations smoothly. In this article, we will explore the entry-level truck driving jobs available for newcomers to Canada. Also their visa requirements, average salaries, application processes, and websites to search for opportunities.

Entry-level jobs for immigrants in Canada

New immigrants can start their trucking careers in Canada with some entry-level driving positions that provide on-the-job training. Local and regional courier driving is a good starting point for those without Canadian experience. 

Courier companies hire drivers to deliver packages and documents in cities and nearby towns using vans or small trucks. Another entry point is driving trucks that transport goods within private company distribution centers and between their different warehouses.

 Waste management companies also employ drivers to collect garbage and recycling from residential and commercial locations using larger trucks. These jobs allow newcomers to gain some Canadian experience, and get familiar with roads and regulations before transitioning to driving on highways.

Training programs are also available where companies sponsor foreign workers to complete truck driver certification courses in Canada. Under such programs, immigrants can obtain their Class A or Class 1 commercial licenses, which are mandatory to professionally drive tractor-trailers and other large carrier trucks on major roads. 

Obtaining a license through a training program makes jobseekers more competitive for long-haul driving positions. Dedicated training routes also introduce newcomers to best safety practices like defensive driving and extreme weather driving techniques unique to Canada.

School bus driving is another viable option for new residents, especially those with families. Most school boards and private bus operators provide paid training to obtain the necessary license endorsements. 

Though schedules vary, driving school buses offers a relatively flexible and family-friendly work life with ample breaks, holidays, and weekends free from work. It also gives immigrants a sense of contributing to the local community while earning a steady income and invaluable Canadian work experience.

Visa requirements for employment in Canada

The two most common employment visas that allow immigrants to drive trucks professionally in Canada are the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and Express Entry Permanent Residency streams.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: Drivers from countries with which Canada has a reciprocal ‘labor mobility’ agreement like the United States can apply directly. 

Others need a valid Labor Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada confirming no Canadians are available for the job. The visa is typically for up to 2 years initially and can be extended, with eligibility for permanent residency afterward.

Express Entry: The Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class under Express Entry do not require a job offer. However, truck driving experience and a valid license can gain immigrants additional Comprehensive Ranking System points toward successful express entry profile and permanent residency application.

Salary scale for immigrants in Canada

Driver Type, Location, Minimum Hourly Wage, Median Hourly Wage, Maximum Hourly Wage are listed below:

  • Local delivery Ontario $17 $21 $25
  • Regional delivery Western Canada $19 $23 $28
  • Long haul coast-coast Canada $21 $26 $32
  • Owner-operator Quebec $24 $29 $35
  • Specialized/heavy haul Alberta $26 $32 $38


Application requirements and documents

For most truck driving jobs, employers will request the following documents from foreign applicants:

  • Valid Passport
  • Resume highlighting overseas commercial driving experience
  • IELTS test report or proof of English proficiency
  • Valid Canadian driver’s license for the appropriate vehicle class
  • Clear criminal record and driver’s abstract
  • Proof of education like a high school diploma or equivalency
  • Reference letters from previous trucking employers
  • Work permit/visa supporting work in Canada

Some training programs may also ask for a medical exam confirming the applicant meets the physical requirements for commercial driving. It is advisable to apply for a work permit before traveling to Canada as the application processing is quicker from abroad.

Employment websites to find opportunities in Canada

Here are some of the top websites to search for truck driving jobs with visa sponsorship options. They include:

  • JobBank Canada
  • DriverReach
  • RBT2
  • Kijiji Jobs
  • Canada Job Bank
  • Indeed Canada
  • Monster Canada

Many of the larger trucking companies also have their online career portals actively recruiting foreign talent. Search individual company websites too. Join relevant Facebook groups to stay updated on new openings.


With Canada’s booming economy relying heavily on road freight, truck driving offers immigrants a stable career path with opportunities for cross-country travel. Obtaining the necessary licenses and Canadian experience makes newcomers strong candidates for sponsorship. 

Those motivated to transport goods over long distances safely can achieve job satisfaction while contributing to the country’s transportation infrastructure. Thorough research, proper documentation, and persistent job applications will help land sponsored trucking jobs in Canada for qualified international candidates.

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