Delivery Driver Jobs in Canada/ Visa sponsored - Apply Now!
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Delivery Driver Jobs in Canada/ Visa sponsored – Apply Now!


Delivery Driver Jobs in Canada/ Visa sponsored – Apply Now!

Are you an experienced driver looking for a job in a developed country like Canada? Then this comprehensive blog post is for you. One of the best driving jobs with a welcoming salary in Canada is the delivery driving job. Delivery driving jobs provide many opportunities for immigrants seeking work in Canada. As e-commerce continues growing rapidly, the demand for courier and package delivery services is also increasing. 


This means more jobs are available for you as an experienced driver if you are interested in becoming a delivery driver. These entry-level opportunities do not require years of Canadian work experience or education. They serve as a great way for newcomers to gain their first job and work experience in the country.


Delivery driving allows you to be outside and on the move every day. Your work is to be interacting with customers by dropping off their packages and signatures. The schedules can be flexible with options for part-time or full-time hours depending on your choice. But I know you would want to work full-time hours.


 Many companies are always hiring to keep up with the high volume of deliveries. This makes it easier for you to find an opening quickly. Delivery driver roles serve as a great first step for immigrants to start building their careers in Canada.


Entry-level jobs for immigrants


Delivery driving is one of the most common entry-level jobs for newcomers to Canada. Many courier companies actively recruit and welcome immigrant applicants. They recognize the value of a diverse workforce. As an immigrant, you can start working as a delivery driver without prior Canadian qualifications or experience.


 The training provided on route planning and safety procedures allows you to learn valuable new skills. Working as a driver exposes you to life in Canadian communities across the country as you make deliveries. This important exposure helps with cultural adjustment and language practice as well.


Visa requirements for employment


  • Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens are eligible to apply for driving jobs without restrictions.
  • Temporary Foreign Workers with an open work permit can seek driver positions during their authorized period of stay.
  • International Students on a study permit are allowed to work off-campus part-time during studies and full-time during scheduled breaks.
  • A few companies sponsor work visas like the LMIA-based work permit for certain driver roles if no suitable Canadians or permanent residents are found.

The salary scale for immigrants on each job

Job Title Minimum Hourly Wage
Entry-level Courier Driver $15-17
Parcel Delivery Driver $17-20
Pickup and Delivery Driver $20-23
Specialized Courier Driver $23-26


Application requirements and documents


  • Valid Canadian driver’s license for the relevant vehicle class
  • Clean driver’s abstract
  • Canadian criminal record check
  • Proof of immigration status documents
  • Resume highlighting any previous driving or customer service experience
  • Availability for shift work including evenings/weekends

Employment websites to find opportunities


There are certain websites you can check out for delivery jobs in Canada. Websites like,, LinkedIn, and specific company career pages are great places to search for delivery driver job postings. Many well-known courier companies are continuously hiring and actively recruiting through their websites.


 Some top employers to consider include Canada Post, Purolator, Intelcom, Dynamex, and Loomis Express. Signing up for job alert emails on popular sites will also help you stay updated on new opportunities as they arise. Speaking with recruiters at job fairs can also help with potential leads.




You need to know that delivery driving provides a very accessible entry point into the Canadian job market for immigrants. The roles are in high demand across cities and involve transferable skills valued by other industries too. Having driving experience opens up other transportation opportunities over time as well. While the work involves early mornings, long hours, and weekend schedules, it allows flexibility with studies or family responsibilities too.


 Starting as a courier driver is a genuine way for newcomers to integrate into communities through employment and gain that valued Canadian work reference. With persistence and the right experience, there are also opportunities to progress into management roles within logistics companies. Good luck in your job search.


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