Apply Now for shipper/receiver Job in Canada
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Apply Now for shipper/receiver Job in Canada


Apply Now for shipper/receiver Job in Canada

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About Shipper/Receiver job in Canada

The Shipper/Receiver plays a vital role in the smooth operation of outgoing shipments and incoming items, recognizing the significant impact of their work on various business functions reliant on accuracy and efficiency.

This role entails ensuring the precise and seamless processing of outgoing shipments. The Shipper/Receiver is tasked with loading shipments consistently, often involving repetitive heavy lifting and the utilization of necessary equipment. Additionally, they will assist in scheduling freight appointments.

In addition to outbound tasks, responsibilities extend to inspecting incoming shipments to confirm contents and quality. Effective inventory management and maintaining relations with shipping companies are pivotal aspects of this position.

Responsibilities of a Shipper/Receiver job in Canada

  1. Verify items and quantities on packing slips: This involves checking the items listed on packing slips against the actual items received to ensure accuracy. It ensures that the correct items and quantities are being processed for shipment.
  2. Match product with shipping orders: Once items are verified, they need to be matched with the corresponding shipping orders. This ensures that the right products are being prepared for shipment according to customer orders.
  3. Prepare and schedule shipments as assigned: Once the items are verified and matched with orders, they need to be prepared for shipment. This includes packaging items appropriately and arranging for their shipment through appropriate carriers. Scheduling shipments involves determining the best timing for shipping based on various factors like delivery deadlines and carrier schedules.
  4. Track shipments and verify receipts of shipments as required: It’s essential to track shipments to ensure they reach their intended destination on time. This may involve using tracking systems provided by carriers or other tracking methods. Verification of receipt involves confirming that the shipments have been received by the intended recipient.
  5. Process all required paperwork and maintain adequate records for reporting and tracking: This includes completing all necessary documentation related to shipments, such as invoices, bills of lading, and customs forms. Keeping accurate records is crucial for tracking shipments, reporting purposes, and compliance with regulations.
  6. Problem solve for any cases of missing documents, shipments, and deliveries: Inevitably, issues may arise, such as missing documents or delayed shipments. The shipper/receiver is responsible for identifying and resolving these issues promptly to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
  7. Sort, stock, and cycle inventory: Beyond outbound shipments, this role also involves managing inventory within the warehouse. This includes organizing inventory, restocking shelves, and implementing inventory cycling practices to ensure efficient use of space and accurate tracking of stock levels.
  8. Keep warehouse clean and orderly: Maintaining a clean and organized warehouse environment is essential for efficiency, safety, and ease of operations.
  9. Develop bills of lading and delivery forms online and by hand: This involves generating necessary shipping documents either electronically or manually, such as bills of lading and delivery forms, to accompany shipments.
  10. Check orders for accuracy before shipping: Before initiating the shipping process, it’s crucial to double-check orders to ensure that all items are included and accurate, minimizing the risk of errors and customer dissatisfaction.
  11. Use time effectively to ensure everything is received and shipped promptly: Time management is key to meeting shipping deadlines and ensuring timely receipt and shipment of items.
  12. Prepare shipping packages for inventory and equipment: This involves properly packaging items for shipment to ensure they are protected during transit.
  13. Assemble pallets for large orders: For larger orders, items may need to be palletized for easier handling and transportation.
  14. All other related duties: This encompasses any additional tasks or responsibilities that may arise in the course of performing the primary duties outlined above.


  • Working experience in a Shipping and Receiving role required.
  • Basic mathematical skills.
  • Attention to detail in all areas of work.
  • Organized, tidy and detail oriented.
  • Able to adapt and solve problems quickly.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must have computer skills and typing experience.
  • Experience using a forklift is an asset.
  • Ability to multitask, effectively manage time and meet deadlines.
  • Lifting and or moving up to 50 lbs.

How to Apply

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