Study-in-USA: Ford funds scholarships for postgraduate students
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Study-in-USA: Ford funds scholarships for postgraduate students


Study-in-USA: Ford funds scholarships for postgraduate students

Are you a post-graduate student researching to secure a Ford funds scholarship in the United States of America? Then this article is for you. The USA offers world-class education and unparalleled opportunities for post-graduate students globally.


 With its top-ranked universities providing cutting-edge research facilities, a graduate degree from the USA is highly valued in the global job market. The United States has a strong tradition of attracting and welcoming talented international students and researchers. International students currently comprise over 5% of the total higher education population in the USA.


One such opportunity for pursuing a post-graduate degree in the USA is through the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (FF). Established in 1949, the FF program awards need-based scholarships for under-represented students worldwide to study in the USA.


 Over the past seven decades, FF awards have supported over 17,000 fellows from more than 150 countries. The fellowships cover full tuition fees, a living stipend, health insurance, and international travel costs for master’s and doctoral programs.


A key advantage of FF scholarships is that they support a wide range of disciplines including social sciences, humanities, sciences, and arts. Candidates can apply for accredited programs at any university of their choice in the USA.


 Additionally, FF encourages diversity and cross-cultural understanding in its selection process. Successful applicants demonstrate excellent leadership abilities and a commitment to social change through their academic goals.


Application level for immigrants:


The FF program selects fellows at the dissertation, master’s, or pre-doctoral level. You cannot apply for undergraduate study through FF. As an international applicant, you need to have completed a relevant first degree equivalent to a four-year US bachelor’s degree program. For pre-doctoral awards, which provide funding for doctoral programs starting from the second or later year, a completed master’s degree is required.


FF focuses on candidates who are unable to access opportunities in their home country due to social, political, or economic conditions. To meet this priority, you need to demonstrate facing disadvantage through your statement and letters of recommendation. Having obtained a scholarship at the bachelor’s or initial master’s level is also viewed positively in the selection process.


Visa requirements for students:


All international FF fellows are required to hold a valid F-1 student visa for entry and duration of study in the USA. As the FF program directly provides full funding support for tuition and living costs, admitted candidates automatically receive the necessary financial documents for their I-20 forms. F-1 visa interview questions will focus on your academic plans, English proficiency, and strong ties back home. With FF award letters, the chances of receiving F-1 visas are very high.



The Program Tuition Fees paid by Ford fund are as follows:


  • Master’s degree Full tuition for standard 2 years
  • Doctoral degree Full tuition for 5 years
  • Pre-Doctoral award Full tuition from year 2 onwards


In addition to the tuition covered, FF also provides the following annual allowances:


  • Living Stipend: $25,000
  • Health Insurance: $2,000
  • Travel Allowance: $2,000


Application requirements and documents:


The FF application involves submitting five core documents which include:


  • Online application form
  • Personal statement
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts
  • Standardized test scores (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, etc.)


Applications must be submitted by the early October deadline. FF looks for evidence of leadership experience through activities, published work samples, and a compelling future vision. Non-native English speakers also need minimum TOEFL scores. Successful candidates are notified by mid-March regarding final admission decisions.


Application websites to find Ford funds scholarship opportunities:


To begin the FF application process, candidates should create an account on the Ford Foundation website –


For exploring other international scholarships, top websites include:


  • Study in the USA –
  • Fulbright student program –
  • Rhodes scholarships –
  • Gates Cambridge scholarships –
  • Marshall scholarships –



In conclusion, the FF program offers a prestigious and life-changing opportunity for exceptional international candidates to gain a high-quality postgraduate education from top US universities. With its holistic and merit-based selection coupled with multi-year funding support, FF addresses important barriers to global mobility and empowerment through education. 


For those demonstrating academic excellence, leadership promise, and a desire to create social impact, applying to the Ford Foundation Fellowships could open doors to transforming your futures.


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