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Fully funded single-parent scholarship in the USA with Visa sponsorship


Fully funded single-parent scholarship in the USA with Visa sponsorship

The United States has long been an attractive study-abroad destination for international students seeking world-class education. However, barriers such as visa requirements and cost of attendance often deter potential students, especially for disadvantaged groups like single parents. 


Yet, there exist opportunities in the form of fully funded scholarships that cover tuition fees, living expenses, and visa sponsorship for eligible candidates. These scholarships aim to promote diversity and help deserving students focus on their academic goals without financial struggles.


Thanks to the generosity of educational institutions and private donors. Hundreds of such scholarships are awarded each year facilitating international students to study in the USA. 


While the application process is competitive, a well-crafted personal statement and documentation of circumstances can help single parents secure such benefits. In this article, we explore the key visa requirements, costs covered by scholarships, essential application documents, and websites to search for funding opportunities.


Visa requirements for students

Most fully funded scholarships will sponsor the recipient for an F-1 student visa, which allows studying full-time in the USA. However, being admitted to a degree program at an accredited institution is required to obtain the visa. 


Additionally, students must prove they don’t intend to immigrate permanently through documentation of sufficient funds for one year of study, academic records, English proficiency, and strong ties to their home country. The SEVIS I-20 form issued after admission serves as evidence of student status during the visa interview. While visa sponsorship eases eligibility, meeting basic requirements is important.


Below is a table chart of the paid tuition fees:


Scholarship  Tuition fee covered Accommodation Living expenses
Full Tuition Waiver 100% tuition On-Campus housing Partial or full coverage
Partial Tuition waiver 50-90% tuition stipend Off-campus housing Stipend for books, meals, etc.
Merit-based awards Variable % tuition No accommodation provided Partial living expenses


Application requirements and documents


  • Personal statement explaining academic goals, hardships faced, and how scholarship would help
  • Resume highlighting qualifications, awards, volunteer work
  • Undergraduate transcripts and grade reports
  • Proof of English proficiency e.g. TOEFL, IELTS scores
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors or mentors
  • A short essay responding to specific questions of scholarship
  • Passport copy and documents related to dependent child/children
  • Financial documentation like bank statements, tax returns

Application websites to find opportunities


  • Scholarships.com: Comprehensive database of scholarships searchable by location, major, attributes, etc.
  • Fastweb.com: This is another extensive scholarship search engine to browse funding by deadline.
  • GoldenDoor.org: Features diverse scholarships for immigrants and underrepresented groups including single parents.
  • Council of graduateschools.org: Useful for Master’s and PhD scholarships in STEM fields among others.
  • DiversityAbroad.com: Focused on diversity-minded opportunities with information on full funding.


While fully funded scholarships may have competitive eligibility criteria, their benefits of tuition waiver, living expense support, and visa sponsorship make the endeavor worthwhile.


 Single parents should thoroughly research programs matching their academics, explore different application sites, prepare required documents, and craft compelling personal statements highlighting circumstances for strong consideration. With determination and by highlighting unique experiences, these deserving candidates can certainly study in the US with complete scholarship support.

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